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These results encourage to further exploit model predictive profile control in experiments on TCV and other future tokamaks. Damage dose rate and H and He production are analysed in the different locations and compared with the irradiation conditions in first wall and divertor in fusion machines. Abstract Recent improvements to the heating and diagnostic systems on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak allow renewed investigations into non-inductive operation scenarios with improved confinement in a full-metal device.

Abstract The effect of helium He plasma exposure, and associated surface modifications, on the thermal shock resistance of tungsten W under ITER relevant steady state and transient reville and particle loads was studied.

A simple model including Larmor smoothing was applied, the results of which give a similar prediction to the optical approximation for the temperature of the misaligned edges, rsveille the error of the temperature measurements, though a small decrease in edge temperature is calculated. A closure relation adds the Landau damping and resonant destabilization effects in the model.

Abstract Power exhaust to the divertor and the conceptual design have been investigated for a steady-state DEMO in Japan with 1.

On the other hand, given the limitations of the existing databases, dedicated experimental investigations will have to be carried out to fully understand the impact of radiated fractions on the confinement in metallic machines and in the next generation of devices. Na, Yong-Su Na, C.

Abstract Characteristics of the MHD instabilities for high beta LHD large helical device plasmas in the inward shifted configurations have been investigated by numerical simulations. By fixing the maximum control voltage, the optimal position of the active coils is derived by estimating the maximum stabilizable vertical displacement and the envelope of current-power requirements for the active control system.


Even though the paper mainly considers the CER, the contents are general and relevant to any Rogowski sensor. They also support, with a shot to shot basis analysis and an estimate of the uncertainties, the interpretation that the fast ions play a fundamental role in the stabilization of the sawteeth, in both L and H mode.

Reveille Toi

The development of ferritic steel alloys as the structural material suitable for use at high neutron fluence leads to the use of helium as the most likely reactor coolant. A systematic theory on the TCM is established based on a multiplier blanket model.

We describe the linear evolution of the poloidal flux and the toroidal component of the vorticity in a full 3D system using the reduced MHD equations, density and parallel velocity moments for the energetic tol as well as the geodesic acoustic wave dynamics.

The evolution of the equilibrium during the mode process was obtained using the ONETWO transport code, with inputs comprising the experimental electron temperature and density profiles. We find increased pulse duration and longer waiting times between peaks for heavier ions, while the amplitudes are similar.

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Interestingly, a new evolution process, characterized by two fast reconnection phases, is also discovered for an intermediate distance between the two resonant surfaces due to the evolution of current ribbons associated with the secondary island. When the inhomogeneity of radial electric field became strong enough, the inferred value was close to its neoclassical one at the later ELM-free H-phase until 1st type-I ELM onset.

The rotation reversal might not occur due to the transition of the dominant turbulence from the trapped electron mode to the ion temperature gradient mode or the neoclassical equilibrium effect in KSTAR. Candidate control schemes for basic magnetic control, including divertor operation and kinetic control of the electron xlam with gas tooi and pellet injection, were developed. Beyond this transition, even if the electron temperature is lowered to a moderate value, the plasma fails to recover oti dynamic state with strong zonal flows.

Reveille toi, a song by Alam on Spotify

Surprisingly the particle trapping enhances the plasma start-up performance even with much lower particle trapping ratio than that of spherical torus.


The conservative prediction shows that the JTSA has enough capability to explore high-beta steady-state plasmas and their controllability.

Are you certain you want to delete this board? It is shown that recycling—in terms of re-ionization within the view cone of the camera—is underestimated by a factor of about 3 at the peak location and overestimated in between, and that emission related to molecular dissociation can locally yield an additional factor of 2 for the ionization to photon conversion.

It remains an open question to explain the dramatic change in intrinsic rotation induced by slight changes in electron density White et al Phys. The achievable plasma current was limited by the maximum operational toroidal field of TST An EHO induced filament was also observed by the gas puff imaging diagnostic. This agglomeration may induce more severe damage on the tungsten divertor at which the high fuel hydrogen ions, fast neutrons, and self-ions are irradiated simultaneously and it would increase the in-vessel tritium inventory.

These scaling laws, including radiated fractions, toj quite differently to ITER, and therefore they require serious consideration. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Cu-ally CuCrZr cooling pipe was applicable as the heat sink to handle reveiille high heat flux near the strike-point, where displacements per atom rate revwille estimated to be 0.

Modelling and computational activities were performed to quantify the measurement errors, taking detailed account of the ITER environment.

For the final design of the ITER divertor it is important to determine whether shaping of each tungsten monoblock to eliminate leading edges is required or not. Abstract Non-inductive plasma start-up is a critical issue for spherical tokamaks since there is not enough room to provide neutron shielding for the center solenoid. Three dimensional 3D divertor particle flux footprints induced by the lower hybrid wave LHW have been systematically investigated in the EAST superconducting tokamak during the recent experimental campaign.

The application to JET experiments with the ILW shows that the proposed indicators agree quite well among themselves and provide sound estimates of the efficiency of the synchronisation scheme investigated.