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An Easy Course in Programming the HPC and HPC. Front Cover. Ted Wadman, Chris Coffin. Grapevine Publications, – HPC (Calculator). An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC by Ted Wadman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC (Easy Course Series) book download Ted Wadman and Chris Coffin Download An.

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Like all good converts, he feels compelled to proselytize, particularly about my perceived need for an iPhone. Google Maps knows where you are! The HPC is simply the finest piece of handheld computing technology ever.

Take that Steve Jobs. I got my first 15C back in high school, and it was the only calculator I used for the next couple of decades. I could operate it in the dark. I lost it in an airplane cojrse back pocket and have never gotten over it. If you mention the 15C to a nerds of a certain age, our eyes grow misty at the utter perfection of it.

It was a calculator that simply got everything right. The genius of the 15C is multifold. First is the form factor. The buttons are large and well separated, and there are no more or no fewer than you could want.

In comparison, modern HP calculators are crammed with a thicket of unusable little buttons. Second is the glory of reverse polish notation.

The 15C operates with a memory stack, which when operating with RPN allows you to perform complex calculations with no need for parentheses. Spreadsheets were hardly widespread, and when one timed balls going down ramps or any other such repeated trial, doing repetitive calculations was a breeze on the 15C.

Now, am I alone if my love for the 15C? On Ebay, a 15C in good shape can go for hundreds of dollars. And, there are people out there writing emulators for it to run on the iPhone. If you ever see me with an iPhone, this will be na.

An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC (Easy Course Series) ebook – Mon premier blog

The fact ewsy I never saw one with an empty battery. Mine lasted for more than 20 years before it was destroyed by a fire in my office…. Anyway, you can react to the lost of yours: Well, if you have a blackberry, you can get the Pocket 10C SE emulator. And when using a calculator, I have found that easj is nothing like good tactile feedback. I carry a 15C in the pocket of my briefcase and it goes with me practically everywhere.

It is my precious. To make things even better, my students never try to borrow it. They are heathens who do not know the true religion of RPN. My precious stays safe with me.

Cosmic Variance

I received my HP15C as a gift from a friend around I still use it nearly as my sole calculator I might have replaced the batteries once. I have a TI89 on my desk, but I will usually ignore it completely and grab my old friend for any serious calculations. At school, I love when folks ask me to borrow my calculator and gladly let them — for the 30 seconds it takes until they realize they have never even heard of RPN, much less know how to think in it.


I was looking through that Things White People Like list the other day — oddly enough, almost none of it fits me, or fits badly e. My father still uses his HP 11c. I learned to program in that calculator when I was in primary school. Later I bought the HP 28s calculator I still use it today. It includes source code, Linux and Windows binaries so you should be able to run it on your Linux system straight off.

I never had an HP calculator in my youth, anyway when I was an undergraduate student we used slide rules and teletypes to access a computer. See Free 42 for an emulator that runs on other handheld devices.

In particular What if HP put the logic and display of a 42S in the compact and convenient form factor of a 15C? And for persons of my generation, RPN was a horrible prank our professors would spring on us if we foolishly forgot to bring calculators to our exams. Still on the original batteries. I was always jealous of those that had one. The Ans Hmm not a 25C but real ahd is also used a lot. My dad has that calculator and wears it in the pocket of his shirt every single day.

An Easy Course in Programming the Hp-11C and Hp-15C (Easy Course Series)

No one would mistake him for anything but a science professor. And for many years after had a desktop HP calculator. Later, in high school, my physics hp1-1c, had an HP calculator which could read little magnetic strips: You could store time and your location and declination and rectascention sp? I was quite impressed. I can second this feature that the RPN prevents to much desire from other people to borrow it but I think it soon needs some new batteries and I vaguely remember of having them changed once already in the past.

Unfortunately, by now it also has a few faulty pixels. I have to admit I do not use it too often as I try to do physics order of magnitude estimates in my head as a programjing. And when I need more than half a significant digit I tend to use calcoo http: It happened only a few times but I consider a finite stack depth to be a bug rather than a feature even though the HP manual lists an application where the finite depth is actually used.

RPN calculator, binary clock, unix operating system, Lisp programming language, LaTeX document processing — the high road is a lonely road!

Although admittedly binary clocks are just showing off, rather than being superior like the other examples I gave. I still do…but HP won in the end. Eventually I managed to get my hands on a 15C…. I still do…. It comprised a helical slider embedded in a cylinder, with a sliding clear plastic outer cylinder, all with suitable graduations. The HP 28s is not so energy efficient.

I need to change the batteries every few years. The new editions have new features, some of which are actually functional; but the net effect of hanging a zillion doodads on the original product is often to produce a slower, less playable product. I know this is an old story and hardly limited to computer stuff—college textbooks often get worse from edition to edition, for example, which has even provided a business opportunity for publishers like Dover who make money by raising the dead.


Why it happens is also pretty clear. From the producers point of view tne is good to put out an excellent product, but it is imperative ciurse put out a new one.

Advance handbook 15C

And just as diabetes eventually makes your feet fall off, chronic marketing has a host of bad consequences. I inherited my HPC from my grandfather. I miss my TI86 — no way near as durable as zn. Gave out after ten years. I own two of these though I only know where one is right now nightstand next to bed. Whenever I look at it, I idly wonder how much longer the battery will last.

One of the cool features coures that it has a huge number of storage locations. I keep my favorite constants in various locations and use for temporary storage. Way back thhe the day, there were other companies that sold RPN calculators. I had a Corvus which was considerably cheaper.

Mine also had an amusing collection of chip defects that caused it to make errors that were occasionally noticeable. If you arranged for an even digit in the 7th location, i. And my battery had to be replaced about 10 years ago. I drove miles to get one of the last ones in stock about I still have the manuals. The 15C is still my constant companion — in the briefcase every night progranming that I always have it at work or home!

Used every day at work as well. I brought a 42S years later when the 15C was temporarily lost — wrong form factor, lightweight and fragile in comparison with the 15C.

Gave it away to a colleague when I rediscovered the 15C. But it broke within a few years. I never had one of these and regret it, because I already had a TI programmable calculator and was too cheap to spring for another.

The TI was the least expensive model with a conditional branching instruction. I still have it and it works, although the rechargeable battery pack is long dead. By the progrwmming, I really do not like the stuffwhitepeoplelike. That ticks me off. There are plenty of non-white middle class people and affluent educated yuppies, with their own affectations and pretensions, but stuff like that site needs make them invisible to make its joke.

I lived just outside D. You can already run Mathematica from any location as follows. You buy one of these handheld computers with internet connection. Cpurse you mention this, Julianne.