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Casarse pronto y mal, El (Spanish Edition) by [de Larra, Mariano. Casarse pronto y mal, El (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition. by Mariano José de Larra (Author). All about Casarse pronto y mal, El (Spanish Edition) by Mariano José de Larra. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Title, Casarse pronto y mal (El). Author, Mariano Jose de Larra. Publisher, Gruppo Editoriale, ISBN, , Export Citation.

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As an essayist, only QuevedoFeijoo of Jovellanos can match him.

He was very preoccupied with Spain’s political situation, and during the 8 years he worked as a journalist he wrote over articles on different topics. He represents the democratic Romanticism, and the pains his country is going through are the main topic of his satirical and critical work.

Larra was born in Madrid in His father was an afrancesado who pronho as a surgeon in the court of Joseph Bonaparte. They had to leave Spain and exile in France, but they came back inand Larra ‘s father started to work as a doctor for one of the king’s brothers. Larra followed his father around Spain and finally established himself in Valladolid, were he attended University for a year.

He moved back to Madrid inwhere he continued his studies.


Casarse pronto y mal, El (Spanish Edition)

In he joins the “Voluntarios Realistas”, a group of absolutists formed by Ferdinand VII to fight against the liberals. It was during this time that he began to wrote poetry and odes.

Journalism is Larra ‘s specialty. Casxrse is the beginning of Larra ‘s satirical works. Their gatherings were called ” El Parnasillo “. However, by the time this was achieved, Larra was already known in the literary and journalistic circles. He married at 20 to Josefa Weroret. They had two children, but the marriage was unhappy and they separated a few years later.

Casarse pronto y mal, El (Spanish Edition) by Mariano José de Larra | LibraryThing

DuringLarra translated French works for Juan Grimaldi, a theatre entrepreneur, and started to write his own plays. This is a key year in Larra ‘s life, during which he met Dolores Armijo, with casarsse he began an affaire while he was still married to Josefa Weroret.

With this publication, he wants to show that it’s possible to leave behind the absolutist and retrograde Spanish past and follow the rest of Europe into the future. The government was in the hands of Maria Christina of the Two SiciliesQueen regent, who was more open to liberal ideals. Larrapolitically committed to the change from absolutism to liberalism, also uses his articles to condemn the carlists.


He was also a fervent lover of the Spanish language, and usually denounced those who didn’t use it correctly. Larra ‘s articles are a great way to caxarse Spanish, because of their careful language and correction.

El casarse pronto y mal by Mariano José de Larra

In he published the novel “El doncel de don Enrique el Doliente”. His lover left him that year, and he also separated from Josefa, when she was pregnant with his third child.

In he travels vasarse Lisbon and spends some time journeying around Europe, where he meets some of the best Romantic writers, like Victor Hugo and Dumas.

His growing disappointment and unconformity with Spain’s society and lack of changes, together with the pain at being separated from Dolores, his true love, shows in his late articles. Larra committed suicide the 13th of February ofafter Dolores had visited him to let him know she was leaving him definitely.

His funeral was attended by almost everyone related to the Literary Spanish Schools.