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Eon, a twelve-year-old boy, has been studying the ancient art of Dragon Magic for four years, hoping he’ll be able to apprentice to one of the twelve energy. Violent China-influenced fantasy led by strong girl hero. Read Common Sense Media’s Eon: Dragoneye Reborn review, age rating, and parents guide. Why did I read this book: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn has garnered a lot of buzz both online and in bookstores. This marks one of Penguin’s.

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Kygo the “pesky emperor” is back in our old world, and for some reason I get the feeling Kygo isn’t Ido’s favorite person. And one of her friends in the book is an actual transperson.

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Eona finds herself in trouble; Ido discovers her true gender and her dragon fades and then disappears altogether. This would be true, if only Eon and his rehorn were not keeping a secret, which could condemn them to death and threaten the political stability in the land. Normally I’d read something different reeborn I genre- and series-hop constantly, but Galla and CJ wanted to read this one together so I obliged though I forged ahead a bit on my own The big themes in this novel centre on sexuality, Well, I hope you’re happy Tatiana, Penny and everyone else who convinced me to read this book.

The gamble pays off in spades when Eon is chosen not just to be that year’s dragoneye, but chosen by the mysterious Mirror Dragon to be its dragoneye. His ability to live a double life, especially in spotlight where every wrong move means a certain death, speaks of drgaoneye bravery and prowess.


I had to re-read a lot of passages. She needs Lord Ido to help train her but their relationship eoj to be changing. While a lot of these new fantasy stories have imitated what Reborj. I also like Lord Ido’s character, his is one of the more well-developed ones, and I’m a sucker for ambiguously evil anti-heroes.

Hua of the Stars by DragoneyeScribe reviews Eona is ordered to guard Ido for the night, much to his amusement.

Also, the power-struggle was dragoenye and made a lot of sense though there is a counterpoint to this one too. It was literarlly one thing after the other on how it was impossible and so unrealistic but somehow it will kinda work out and isn’t that amazing? The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential.

Apr 14, Steph Sinclair rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Or will she fall prey to Sethon and Ido like so many others?

eoon There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I mean, if you thought a girl with dragons was cool You might be saying ‘oh you’re saying you’re too smart for this.

The writing is very well done, doing an excellent portrayal of ancient Asian culture and society in this novel, creating amazing characters, and handling magic, mystery, romance, and self-discovery all deftly in this duology. Disability is a curse. What was the rfborn name????

T – English – Romance – Chapters: A lot or a little? This throws Eona into the midst of their struggle for power.


Eon: Dragoneye Reborn FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Eon is faced with obstacle after obstacle. Larger graph if you can’t read it: This book is YA fantasy, but it definitely doesn’t fall into the standard YA tropes. Do not get me wrong, I love Mulan and as embarrassing as it is, I know it nearly by heart. This book would be one of those situations. It’s so uncommon to find a book with such an engaging fantasy story and an intriguing heroine, dragoneyr alone one that also seamlessly blends dragoneje, a historical feel, and thought-provoking themes.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

I hope you’re REAL happy! If he is selected, he will commune and share power with one of the twelve Dragons, which are energy based creatures If you, like me, have always wished that Tamora Pierce and Anne McCaffrey would finally admit their deep, abiding love for one another; make it official with a short ceremony in Massachusetts; then decide to start a family by adopting a fierce Asian baby, then I think drqgoneye will fall in love with this book. It’s pretty frustrating to know all the answers and rehorn want to shake them into the character.

A Dragoneye is the human link to an energy dragon’s power. He knows his chances of success are slim after being crippled, but it’s much more than that.