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Mohamed Choukri born on July 15, and died on November 15, , was a Moroccan author and novelist. I first read Mohamed Choukri’s memoir For Bread Alone when I was working on A Basket of Leaves. I considered using it as one of the books I. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco.

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Morocco Portal Literature Portal. The result is compelling rather than depressing, a strikingly memorable account of life in the Moroccan underclass. This is all relatively well-known. Paul Bowles explains that he translated For Bread Alone using a different method from his other translations.

Mohamed Choukri – Wikipedia

He decided to leave Tangier in year of the independence of Morocco and went to Laracheentering a primary school at the age of May 24, at Telegram Books Publication Date: Fleeing drought and starvation in the Rif, his family moves to Tangier and then Tetuan. Like what you read? See also In TangierTelegram Books,for all three in one volume. I considered using it as one of the books I discussed for Morocco, but before I had read very far I stopped considering it.

This censorship ended inand For Bread Alone was finally published in Morocco. August 24, August 24, mlynxqualey. He ran away from his tyrannical father and became a homeless child living in the poor neighborhoods of Tangiersurrounded by misery, prostitution, violence and drug abuse.


It is a good book. Proud, insolent and afraid of no one, he returns to Tangier, where he is caught up in the violence of the independence riots. As a child Choukri survived thanks to a variety of jobs, serving breead a French family in the Algerian Rif, or guiding sailors who arrived in Tangierwhere he learned Spanish.

Mohamed Choukri

For me, writing is a protest, not a parade. Choukri was born inin Ayt Chiker Ayt Chiker, hence his adopted family name: The loss of innocence is not only sexual but also experiential. He lives by begging, petty theft, prostitution, smuggling and occasional work, and he learns to enjoy sex, drugs and alcohol. For much of the story, Choukri because he is young can only react to situations over which he has little or no control. Mohamed Choukri is one of North Africa’s most controversial and widely read authors.

I cannot write with a crystal’s paintbrush. The European ones preferably, because there were richer. How have subsequent generations regarded this work? Those people judge my works as depraved.

Next, in the Arabic, after the above encounter: Brread moving to another province Mohamed learns how to charm and steal, and discovers the joys of drugs, sex and alcohol.

At the age of twenty he decided to aloje to read and write classical Arabic. The other books were spoken onto tape and the words were in the colloquial Arabic called Moghrebi. But here, who can I desire?


His life was surrounded by prostitutes, thieves, smugglers and especially a tyrannic and violent father. What is the significance of his testimony, then? His first novel, The Sheltering Skywas a bestseller in the s and allne made into a film by Bernardo Bertolucci in Despite its unremitting grittiness, For Bread Alone has the virtues of force, directness, and honesty.

Rather, he preferred to adapt the text to his ideas of Morocco and who the character was, rather than asking the Moroccans themselves, just how do they experience Morocco and just what do they think?

In Choukri’s African Islamic coastal cities the nightmares are of fathers killing children and the agony of hunger. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat The European ones preferably, because they were richer. He went on to become a teacher and writer, finally being awarded the chair of Arabic Literature at Ibn Batuta College in Tangier.

He was raised in a very poor family. Then we used Spanish and French for ascertaining shades of meaning. Le Reclus de Tanger ,