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The Awakening Of Kundalini By GopiKrishna. Identifier TheAwakeningOfKundaliniByGopiKrishna. Identifier-ark ark://t6c29w It was Gopi Krishna’s belief that knowledge of Kundalini is essential for the one morning, he experienced the sudden and forceful awakening of Kundalini. This article appeared in several books by Gopi Krishna including Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man. I sat steadily, unmoving and erect.

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As soon as I arrived at the usual pitch of mental fixity, I again felt the current moving upward. There had been an expansion of my own self, my own consciousness, and the transformation had been brought about by the vital current that had started from below the spine and found access to my brain through the backbone. Wait just two more decades, less than 20 years, and hundreds, if not thousands of bright, young boys and girls will be able to clone just about any animal including humans.

Their goals included the abolition of the dowry system, which subjected the families of brides to severe and even ruinous financial obligations,and the strictures against the remarriage of widows. Return to Book Page. He acted, and at one point ended up imprisoned for his actions.

The Awakening of Kundalini

Kundalini Kundalini and Consciousness Mystical Experience: My mind reverted again and again to the experience of the morning, trying to recreate in imagination the marvellous phenomenon I had witnessed, but without success. Along with his humanitarian efforts, Gopi Krishna produced poetry and books in prose and verse form. At the age of twenty, he returned to Kashmir.

However, Gopi Krishna also discovered that the esoteric teachings contained a number of simple practices that might help bring the energy back into balance after it had been awakened incorrectly. Gopi Krishna passed the next nine years completing his public school education.


What had happened to me? Many, if not all, of his books are verifiable miracles. I sat steadily, unmoving and erect, my thoughts uninterruptedly centered on the shining lotus, intent on keeping my attention from wandering and bringing it back again and again whenever it moved in any other direction.

After about 3 a. My thoughts wandered, and instead of being in a state of happy expectancy I felt strangely nervous and uneasy.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Early in his career he became the leader of a social organisation that was devoted awakenlng helping the disadvantaged in his community, especially with regard to issues concerning the well-being and rights of women. During one such spell of intense concentration I suddenly felt a strange sensation below the base of the spine, at the place touching the seat, while I sat cross-legged on krlshna folded blanket spread on the floor.

This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened.

Gopi Krishna’s Awakening

Erica Dorrington rated it it was amazing Aug 01, The feeling of exhaustion and weariness was more pronounced than it had been yesterday. In the light of Pandit Gopi Krishna’s experiences he himself has started to search the life of geniuses and enlightented persons in history for clues of kundalini awakening.

Refresh and try again. Gopi Goi asserts that a new activity of the cerebro-spinal system and the opening of a super-sensory channel in the brain provides the answers to these riddles. The book also deals with many commonly-asked questions about meditation, mysticism, drug experiences and the phenomenon of partial awareness.

Like FaustNa Ro Pa and many others, he finds a solution several times in his life only at the point of death. A heavy cloud of depression and gloom seemed to krishnx round me, rising from my own internal depths without relation to external circumstances, I did tye feel I was the same man I had been but a few days before, and a condition of horror, on account of the inexplicable change, began to settle on me, from which, try as I might, I could not make myself free by any effort of my will.


Over the years, the periods of suffering waxed and waned until, finally, they were replaced by the visions of light, sensations awakenjng bliss and the spontaneous development of an extraordinary level of creative ability. Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord. My appetite was not as keen as usual, my mouth appeared dry, and I could not put my thoughts into my work in the office.

See 1 question about Kriahna Awakening of Kundalini…. After a while I grew composed and was soon as deep in meditation as before. The publication of his autobiography khndalini be a major event in the documentation of who and what we really are.

When I returned home in the afternoon I felt no better. Home Learn What is Kundalini? I could not reconcile the exaltation of the morning with the depression that sat heavily on me while I tossed from side to side on the bed. In the introduction to Krishna’s book, Frederic Spiegelberg writes: The letter to him was written in iambic pentameter in only three days.

During such intervals I used to feel as if I were poised in mid-air, without any feeling of a body around me. I ate supper in silence, without appetite or relish, and retired to bed. Published January 1st by Institute for Consciousness Research. Open Preview See a Problem?