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Heyr, Himna Smiður by Árstíðir, released 12 February Heyr, himna smiður, hvers skáldið biður. Komi mjúk til mín miskunnin þín. Því heit. Heyr himna smiður by Ylja, released 12 October Hear, smith of heavens what the poet prays. May your mercy come softly unto me. Árstíðir – Live in Dresden (FREE DOWNLOAD – includes Heyr himna smiður ) by Árstíðir, released 20 September 1. Þér ég unni 2. Shades / Tárin 3.

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Smiir was written by Kolbeinn Tumason who was a chieftain in one of the Icelandic family clans at the beginning of the most violent and turbulent time in Icelandic history. The poem is a prayer to God for strength, peace, and guidance in the face of the prospect of open inter-clan warfare.

The words themselves are now over years old, but music was not added to it until the 20th century. As is often the case with a centuries old poem in a foreign language, translating it into English is a bit hehr. Translations vary depending on whether you want it to be literal, capture the ideas better, have the lines rhyme, or have a particular number of syllables per line.

So below is both the smiu translation and one arranged in a smoother Hymn form to have five syllables per line. Lyrics in literal English: Hear, smith of the heavens, what the poet asks. May softly come unto me thy mercy. So I call on thee, for thou hast created me. Beyr am thy slave, thou art my Lord. God, I call on thee to heal me. Remember me, mild one, Most we need thee.


Drive out, O king of suns, generous and great, human every sorrow from the city of the heart. Watch over me, mild one, Most we need thee, truly every moment in the world of men.

Lyrics in English hymn form: Hear, smith of heavens. In thy still small voice Mayest thou show grace. As I call on thee, Thou my creator.

Árstíðir – Live in Dresden (FREE DOWNLOAD – includes Heyr himna smiður) | Árstíðir

I am thy servant, Thou art my true Lord. God, I call on thee; For thee to heal me.

Bid me, prince of peace, Thou my supreme need. Guard me, my savior. Virgin—born, send me Noble motives now. Aid cometh from thee, To my deepest heart.

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Kolbeinn Tumason

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Remember the days of old; smuur the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you. When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.

The superhero genre was one of the last quasi-traditional genres of American pop culture.

Heyr, Himna Smiður | Árstíðir

Batman, Superman, and the other assorted heroes and villains literally came out of the early twentieth-century[…]. Average citizens of the country your fathers built! Turn off the mainstream media. With an almost negligible number of exceptions, they[…]. Recent Comments Cadwaladyr Jones: No, only men can be warlocks. I stand corrected, AV has posted my last two comments, the one on the Wilson flap with a 7 day About Faith and Heritage is a webzine presenting the views of Occidental Christians who are determined to preserve both Western Civilization and Western Peoples.