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Literatura: V. Džamić, Organizaciono ponašanje i korporativna kultura, Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, Materijali sa predavanja. Organizaciona (korporativna) kultura i moć menadžmenta. Ćatović Azra. Uploaded by. Ćatović Azra. Download with Google Download with Facebook. Korporativna kultura, Aco Momčilović, CHRO Rimac Automobili. Public. · Hosted by Veleučilište Baltazar Zaprešić and IPMA Young Crew Croatia. Interested.

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Reputation is a result of continuous actions over time. You do not start with a reputation, you finish with a korporztivna. Once it is acquired the challenge is to keep it through a permanent search of excellence at all levels of an organisation.

This is the backbone of corporate culture.

Organizaciono ponašanje i korporativna kultura

Once acquired, a reputation will precede an organisation! It will be in a position to define its customer loyalty programs, increased market penetration and determine other key business challenges and strategies. Osnovne teme ovog seminara i knjige su: This is the fifth book by this author – the lecturer at the many seminars organized by the Association of Serbian Banks, published by the same publisher. Namely, the ASB has so far offered the local readership the following books by the same author: On December 2 ndRoger Claessens held a one-day seminar titled: What do you need to be different and better than korporatigna competition?

The main topics covered at the mentioned seminar and by the book are: The topic dealt with in the new book by Roger Claessens has ,ultura increasingly present in the recent years in the market of contemporary technical literature, being a field which bears considerable importance to the achievement of a company s success.

However, there have been only a few actual texts about the corporate culture in banking, and almost no books targeted at the local professional circles. Corporate Culture in Banking is a book written in a simple, witty and imaginative style, making this technical topic interesting even to those who are otherwise not professionally dealing with this koeporativna of business.

The book is targeted at all structures of bank employees, starting from those who are at the ukltura of their professional careers and striving for success, to the top management levels. Brend treba da bude jednak snovima. Ovde ne govorimo kjltura reklamiranju! A brand reflects a corporate identity. It is often the result of extensive market research.

Factually, a brand equals a promise and should match expectations. A brand could match dreams. Kuultura about the perfume brands which sell much more than perfume, but a living style, a personality.

Also, brands should be ethical; they should match customers profiles and should be authentic and recognisable. We do not talk about advertising! Advertising is the visible part of the iceberg. Branding is what happens below the water level and the result of a corporate culture. Furthermore, a brand should kulyura geared towards a well-defined market.

korporativna kultura | EUdict | Croatian>English

Branding will exploit symbolism. Who does not know the expression that an image speaks a thousand words?

  KBA 70219 PDF

The accents of branding might change over time and would, certainly for banks, be quickly adapted to the economic cycle. Human Resources HR as a likely subject. There are kulltura a few excellent books on HR but few in the Serbian language. Besides, I usually underline in the seminars on marketing or even on compliance that the difference between one bank and another bank is basically a matter of people and systems.

Digging into the subject brought me to a more professional explanation of a difference between banks. Ukratko, svi ti kvaliteti i zahtevi mogu se sumirati kako sledi: Strong leadership and management allow a company to be seen as different as and better than competition. In the fast-changing world of business, the ability to create and sustain strong corporate brands and reputations is one of the only ways to stay ahead.

A reputation is the result of multiple actions. You end with an excellent reputation. You do not start kkrporativna a reputation. You work on your reputation as of yesterday! You work on your management skills. In a nutshell, all these qualities and requirements can be summarised as follows: The objective of management is to organise and to act in order to reach stated goals.

The five key functions of management are to: There is a difference between leading and managing. We refer kultufa leaders as persons who may have a vision, rally the others in sharing this vision, and motivate them to transform the vision into reality. A manager is closer to the field and makes it happen on a pragmatic basis.

A manager turns vision into strategy. Remember strategy is about HOW to do things. Ponekad je upravo suprotno! Da postoji dovoljno literature o tome svuda oko nas. But what is corporate culture and how strongly does it affect the performance of an organisation? Is corporate culture so important that it encourages some customers to bank with a given organisation?

Furthermore, what is the link between corporate culture and leadership or reputation or kprporativna Looking into those issues was so interesting that I came to the conclusion that writing about it would be more interesting than just covering HR. The book mentions various sources, but I have to admit that a key source was the book Winning by Jack Welch. I have always been in admiration of the wealth generation capacity of a well-organised and competitive company.

Furthermore, I always wondered why some are more successful than others even when competing in the same field. Winning underlines the key to success and, believe it or not, the book is full of tips and tricks that are almost universally applicable. It is not just kultkra the well known visionmission-strategy thing, but about candour, integrity, recognition, trust, discipline. The book starts with branding as it is the visible part of a company s efforts kkorporativna be recognised as different as, and ultimately better than competition.

However, brands are only the visible part of the iceberg. It is below the water level that the winning proposition is articulated, i. The book also contains questions on the subject allowing you to rate your morporativna.


Unfortunately it is, at this stage impossible to provide a statistically relevant benchmark. However, questions and answers should enable the reader to determine what can be improved and might become part of a plan to improve the present performance of all members of staff.

Before reading about one thousand eight hundred pages on Corporate culture, I assumed that the key to success was to have a strong corporate culture. This is not the case. Sometimes, quite the opposite! What leads to success is an adaptive culture with the ingrained aptitude to convince members of staff to improve on whatever they are doing, in other words to change or look for a change so that kltura can be done, more efficiently, more simply, less expensively.

It is about communication and providing a strategy the how to? What will lead to winning will be streamlined procedures, right practices, customer centred line and staff management, front and back office. This requires adaptive cultures with a need to focus on behaviour and values.

We underlined the requirement for employees to have something to believe in, korproativna be empowered, to enjoy strong support of management, to be creative and accountable, to be participative and to be performance oriented to be the human side of the brand. You will tell me that kultira know that.

There korpoorativna sufficient literature about it all around us.

The question is how? To quote a senior vice president, my former boss at BoA: Start thinking about it as of yesterday! Economics and Organization Vol. Architecture and Civil Engineering Koroorativna. Original Scientific Article udk: Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. Apart from the proven. Denial of Service Denial of Service Ozalp Babaoglu Availability refers to the ability to use a desired information resource or service A Denial of Service attack is an attempt to make that information.

Medicine and Biology Vol. Economics and Organization, Vol. International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering,3 1: Praksa je namijenjena svim studentima, apsolventima te onima koji su stekli.

korporatigna January Communications Manager: Information for Candidates Thank you for expressing interest in the role of Communications Manager.

We have compiled this information pack to tell you more about The. Working and Living Environmental Protection Vol. Production management kororativna system in wood This is a true translation of the original Law, but it is not legally binding. Automatic Control and Robotics Vol. Eight Leadership Principles for a Winning Organization Leading and operating an organization successfully requires managing it in a systematic and visible manner.